"I thought you might want to know something about me."

I'm 64 years old. I took my first flying lesson in 1966. You never forget "tail dragger" flying, even in small aircraft like the Luscomb 8F that I learned to fly in. My interest in Aviation, I owe it all to modeling. I was introduced to modeling in gradeschool. Remember the solid balsa "Comet" kits and "inked lines?" I was introduced to Control Line Flying by Ted Hopkins. He owned the local hobby shop. He always found room for a couple of us youngsters. He really needed someone to climb the tree to get his free flight or excapement driven R/C model down. That was a great time for modeling and a wonderful time for me. The rest is Control Line history. Flight Streak Jr., Flight Streak, Shoestring Stunter, Ringmaster, All American, Barnstormer, Smoothee, Thunderbird, Ares, Nobler plus more and many scratch built ones. All covered in "silk n dope." Remember any of these? After the Luscomb, I built my time in Aircoups, 152's, 172's. My first airplane, a Piper 180, I owned with four other nice guys. Well, three other nice guys. One was so so. I built my time in the 180. I received a commercial seaplane licence and became Chief Seaplane Pilot for Island Air. I flew a Lake LA4-2000T. I started flying R/C around 1980. I can tell when I look at most of my R/C equipment. My first radio was a Kraft Sport Series A. It's around here someplace. I still use my JR Unlimited VIII's and my JR Centery VII. Can you teach an "Old Dog" new tricks? I guess I have to fit Art in here somewere. I was always the "Class Artist." and found myself making the school posters. After military service I did two years in Junior College. Destined to be self-employed. I won awards for my paintings at local Art Shows. Making it as an "Artist" was difficult so I found a niche as a "Sign Painter." I lettered my first truck in 1964 when I was a senior in High School. Apponaug Shell Service. And he paid me! I did art and lettering over the years. Mastering my craft and pushing my limitations. I designed and painted one of the largest advertized walls in New England. It was 25' tall and 125' long. I sold my Art to Furniture Stores. I eventually accumulated over 90 accounts.I developed Airbrush skills and did Illustrations. Not to mention "Custom Vans" and motorcycle tanks and of course "Pinstriping." Trends come and go. I did Art and Graphics for the World Wrestling Federation. I airbrushed their "Chrome" WWF logo and was responsible for reproducing their lettering and logo on their fleet of trucks. Mostly tractor trailors and large box trucks. "To be continued..." 

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